Heroes and Villains

For every hero there seems to be an equally strong villain to balance out the amount of good vs evil. In almost every story, whether the hero appears first or the villain appears first, not to long after the counterpart comes to fruition. If one or the other is killed or put away, they are either broken out or a new character takes their place, sometimes stronger. Interestingly enough some heroes and villains also have pretty similar backstories, they just took different paths and turned out opposite of each other. It’s almost as if they could have been friends in another life had they both stayed on the same path together. Some even start off as childhood friends and then something traumatic happens that tears them apart from one another. Comic book super heroes and villains tend to have many variations of their origin stories depending on the “reboot” or what a TV series, film, or a video game is trying to achieve. So a good example of super hero and villain backstories that are quite similar can be taken from a manga (Japanese comic book) called Naruto. In this manga the main character’s parents are killed right after he is born, so he grows up alone and as an outcast, but eventually manages to make friends and is accepted by society after constantly saving people and never giving up and always trying his hardest. His counterpart is Sasuke whom starts off as Naruto’s rival/friend, yet turns into a villain. He, like Naruto grows up with no parents or family, they were murdered as well, although he was around 6 when they were killed, but instead of accepting and forgiving the murderer he sets out on a quest for vengeance that turns him into a villain. Both were put in similar situations and throughout the story seem to always have a respect for one another and a friendship, but took 2 different paths and turned out opposite of one another.

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