Solitary Hero



The solitary hero is used in many comics and stories. Almost every good hero in a comic is a solitary one. They have to distance themselves from their friends and family and the ones they love in order to protect them. Even with having an alter ego, there is still a tendency to distance themselves and not let their alter form have a family or fall in love, because if they were to get close being in alter form and their enemies were to find out who they really were it would put their loved ones in danger.
Looking at Spider-man, or Peter Parker, for instance; to begin with his family is very small consisting of just him and his aunt. Adding his friends in to the mix, he only has maybe one or two, which he keeps at a distance. Once Peter Parker truly accepts being Spider-man he distances himself from everyone in order to try and protect them. He also tries to hide his superhero identity, in doing so he must lie to those he loves most constantly.
Spider-man is just one example though; there are many superheroes that follow this same path. In fact it’s very rare for a superhero to let their true identity be known, and although some may have a “team” the hero is the only one really going through any trials alone. Even looking at Katniss in The Hunger Game, she may not be a “super hero” but she is still a hero and she is goes through her trails alone, although she doesn’t really have/or need a secret identity. Although when most think of a solitary hero it is much easier to automatically think of Spider-man, Batman or Superman, but there are other heroes out there that follow much of the same path that comic book heroes follow.




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