The Hero’s Journey

Does the hero’s journey reflect real life? Inspire real life? Or Both?
The Hero’s Journey has been used in story telling throughout history and continues to be used today. It has not only inspired people through the ages but is inspired by humanity as well. Although it may be more difficult to see, the Hero’s Journey is something that everyone faces during their lives and it’s inevitable. A person will always go through some type of Hero’s Journey at some point in time in their life.
After viewing Joseph Campbell and The Power of Myth: The Hero’s Journey, so much was made clear. It seems like the Hero’s Journey is very psychologically based. He mentions how everyone faces their own Hero’s Journey throughout life. Every major change is a kind of journey that is taken. The one that Campbell mentions is the change from childhood to young adulthood. “When a person grows there is a death of the childhood […] and rebirth of adulthood” ( He is focusing more on the death of the psychological dependency that children have and the rebirth of psychological independence. It seems very Freudian and Erickson based.
He also mentions that there are 3 kinds of journeys. There is the conscious journey which would be something like the pursuit of a job, or education. The subconscious journey, which is psychological, and the pitched journey, which would be a military draft ( Most of these adventures are something that people can deal with in everyday life, and the majority of people may not consider these actual Hero’s Journeys because they are event that are faced so often and don’t seem very adventurous.
The Hero’s Journey can also inspire real life. Many people view these journeys that are depicted in movies and stories and wish that they are possible in real life. Although the chances of these adventures coming to life are miniscule, witnessing what the hero goes through and that they still pursue their goal, and eventually achieve it, no matter what happens can be very inspiring. People can look at their own lives and the hardships they may currently be going through and see that it really isn’t that bad. All they need to do is work hard and not give up and eventually they can achieve their goal.



Hero's Journey of a Person at a Summer Camp

Hero’s Journey of a Person at a Summer Camp


Hero's Journey in the Army

Hero’s Journey in the Army



Movie usage of the Hero's Journey

Movie usage of the Hero’s Journey


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